Suggested Resources

Recommended Books

Recommended Podcasts

  • Dirty Rotten Church Kids by Josh & Adrian, “Two millennial dads figuring out life beyond the evangelical bubble.”
  • The Liturgists Podcast “The Liturgists Podcast is a genre-bending, chart-topping exploration of the most interesting and pressing topics of our time through the lenses of art, science, and faith.”
  • Existential Happy Hour by Micah J. Murray. “A voice crying in the void. conversations about god and art and doubt and wonder. stories of disbelief. radiance and math and music and pixels. consciousness expressed as vibrations.”

Recommended Youtube Channels

  • God is Grey – “Your guide to becoming an inquisitive, fearless, SEX POSITIVE, free thinking Christian in the modern world.”

Recommended Websites

  • BioLogos “BioLogos invites the church and the world to see the harmony between science and biblical faith.” A great resource for anyone starting to look into evolution, science, and the bible.

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