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The Safety of Christian Colleges

It’s disappointing to see that every single Christian college I was pointed towards at a teen now has had some major sandal regarding SA or mistreatment of abuse. These were the colleges that I was suppose to be safe at. The “secular” colleges were suppose to be the scary ones. I was pushed away from…

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Moving On

Right now my life is in a bit of a transitional phase. I’m working on trying to leave my life in my hometown behind and move towards a larger city. Part of that process is a goodbye to my family. I know I’ll see them in the future. And while I know that this is…

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This post is a bit more frank and forward than some of my previous posts. It expresses my pain and anger at the lack of justice in this world.

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Growing Kids God’s Way – Part 13

Chapter Fifteen: Discipline Issues (Part Two) While the previous chapter focused on a specific parenting “problem,” this chapter covers a variety of common childhood misbehaviors. All of which the author assures us are easily able to be controlled by proper parenting. He provides a list of these misbehaviors in the opening portion of the chapters:…

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4th of July

The Fourth of July is here. And with it comes a lot of mixed emotions. I was raised in American nationalism all through my life into my early 20s. I grew up with my life being shaped by 9/11, and the wave of American pride and nationalism that came after it. I watched my father…

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Pro life to pro choice

As someone who has spent much of their life on the pro-life side of the abortion argument, I thought it would be worth sharing how I came to change my mind on the topic. I’m not trying to yell at anyone or debate them, but I am trying to share my own journey. And hopefully…

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