The Safety of Christian Colleges

It’s disappointing to see that every single Christian college I was pointed towards at a teen now has had some major sandal regarding SA or mistreatment of abuse. These were the colleges that I was suppose to be safe at. The “secular” colleges were suppose to be the scary ones. I was pushed away fromContinue reading “The Safety of Christian Colleges”

Is Pensacola Christian College A Cult? – Part 2

This will continue my PCC series “Is Pensacola Christian College A Cult.” As in the first part I will directly compare my time at PCC with the BITE model. With this post focusing on “Information Control.”


I tend to ramble so stay with me here. I wanted to write a little bit about myself and how I grew up. I grew up in a small rural portion of Michigan. I did spend a portion of my life in Canada. But for the most part my childhood was spent as a Michigander.Continue reading “Intro”