The Next Generation of Fundamentalists

Does anyone ever feel like the fundamentalists are “winning?” I’ve seen a lot of casual remarks online that outdated beliefs will fade with time. But within my own life I’ve seen a lot of evidence that fundamentalism will continue to be a heavy presence in the world into the next few generations.  My own familyContinue reading “The Next Generation of Fundamentalists”

Growing Kids God’s Way – Part 9

Growing Kids God’s Way “Chapter 11 Discipline With Correction” Gary Ezzo lays out the levels of correction and punishments used to discipline children.

Is Pensacola Christian College A Cult? – Part 1

Is Pensacola Christian College a cult? Comparing PCC’s treatment of students to Steven Hassan’s BITE Model of Authoritarian Control. This post focuses on the first point – behavior control.


For me the afterlife, specifically heaven and hell, was an import part of my childhood. My parents taught me very early on about sin and salvation. And how my sin affects my position in the afterlife. This post focuses on my families’ teaching on hell.