The Next Generation of Fundamentalists

Does anyone ever feel like the fundamentalists are “winning?” I’ve seen a lot of casual remarks online that outdated beliefs will fade with time. But within my own life I’ve seen a lot of evidence that fundamentalism will continue to be a heavy presence in the world into the next few generations.  My own familyContinue reading “The Next Generation of Fundamentalists”

Growing Kids God’s Way – Part 6

Chapter 6. Gary Ezzo speaks on Parental Authority and a parent’s mandate to hold their children to a level of respect.

Growing Kids God’s Way – Part 4

Gary Ezzo’s “Growing Kid’s God’s Way” Chapter 3-4. Love Languages and a father’s mandate.

Growing Kids God’s Way – Part 1

An exploration of the book “Growing Kids God’s Way” from the eyes of an outsider.

Anxiety and Depression as a Homeschooled Kid

A post about my experience with emotions and mental health within a homeschool environment. CW: emotional neglect, depression, anxiety, and suicidal ideations