Are You Happy?

One thing that I have noticed in the evangelical community is that it causes a heavy focus on others. Considerations for others needs and wants are generally placed as higher priority than your own. But I feel that this is a fairly harmful ideology.

We must acknowledge that we have our own separate wants and needs. And before we care for others we must stop and take time for ourselves. To do that though we need to listen to our own wants and desires. We must look inward and find out what our body is telling us.

What do you want to do with your life? Have you been merely basing your goals and life off of how others will react to your choices? Are you basing your life off of what another person wants for you?

The goal should be finding out where YOU are truly happy; not just basing that happiness off of another person’s opinion or input. Have you stopped to consider if this is where you are happy? Do you have joy in this place or moment?

Showing yourself kindness and care before others is not wrong or selfish. You can chose to place importance on your own needs and desires. Let go of the feeling that you have to please others before you can find your own happiness.

Be still


What do you feel?

Do have a desire or goal that is purely you?

Dare to follow it.

Dare to find what makes you happy.

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