I tend to ramble so stay with me here. I wanted to write a little bit about myself and how I grew up.

I grew up in a small rural portion of Michigan. I did spend a portion of my life in Canada. But for the most part my childhood was spent as a Michigander.

But enough about places, no one comes to a blog to hear about were I grew up. I was the firstborn in a large family of eight (if you include my mom and dad). By the time I came along my family was heavily involved in a local church with plans to attend further missions training and move to “the mission field.” So I grew up in a pretty religious environment from an early age. Mostly Baptist but a mix of other fundamentalist denominations at times.

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I was homeschooled age 5 through 12th grade as to limit my interaction with the “secular” world. My parent did this to try to “protect” my mind and soul from “the evils of the world.” And because they could teach me about God from an early age.

After graduating high school I then moved to a college with a strict Independent Fundamental Baptist background. It’s a small college in Florida – Pensacola Christian College. This period of my life were I was subjected to an even more extreme view of God and religion.

I met my wife at the college. (She’s also a co-author of the blog, and I’m sure in time she’ll post her own story.) We moved back to Michigan and started a family together. I have a young son and daughter and they bring me great joy.

As I’ve been out of college and away from my mother and father, I’ve moved away further and further from those beliefs my parents held. (And I thought I did to.) This blog will focus on the roles religion played in my life and why I moved away from it. And maybe somewhere along the way I’ll find a way to move towards some type of belief or purpose that will have meaning to me.

“He looked at how His tradition and interpretation of scriptures let pain continue, saw it was wrong, and did something about it.”

Kevin Miguel Garcia Bad Theology Kills

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